Ansar al-Sharia statements regarding recent attacks in al-Bayda, Akhbar Ansar (Yemen), 8 October 2014

The Edinburgh Arabic Initiative

Ansar al-Sharia launches broad offensive against military and security centres in al-Bayda – Part One

Ansar al-Sharia launched a broad offensive today (Wednesday) at 1:00 am, targeting several military and security centres in the city of al-Bayda in the al-Bayda province of central Yemen.

A correspondent of “Akhbar Ansar al-Sharia” in al-Bayda explained that the mujahideen attacked the military base of Special Security Forces (formerly Central Security) in the city with a car bomb driven by the martyred brother, Abu Dajana al-Lahji — God have mercy on him; the ocrerspondent indicated that the mujahideen also attacked General Security and rescue police headquarters, a government compound, as well as the al-Zahar and Azza military checkpoints.

In a conversation with him shortly before, the correspondant added that “dozens of army soldiers were killed and injured during the mujahideen’s storming of the military headquarters and clashes are ongoing. Thanks to God, the mujahideen…

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